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Heavenly bodies

2-channel video installation 6.20 min
PREVIEW: http://www.av-arkki.fi/en/works/heavenly-bodies-ii_en/

Heavenly bodies is a poetic two-channel video work. The protagonist of the video work goes through reporting of a
family tragedy in Austria.
The father of Fritzl family took the freedom of his daughter Elisabeth when she was 18-year-old, and imprisoned her
in the basement of their house for 24 years. In the basement E gave birth for his seven children. When E succeeded
to get out from the basement the news reporting continued and described the trial towards father Fritzl. He hided
himself behind an office folder during the first days of the trial. Fritzl was able to observe the other people through
perforated holes of the folder, keeping himself in the back of it.

Video’s protagonist lives from side to side the role of the victim and feels collective guiltiness for  monster features of
human nature. The storytelling of Heavenly bodies consist of many layers, which are brought together and completed
with help of Martin Heuser’s piano music.

In the animation part of the video eyes swell, get darker and finally inflate to a new form reminding of butterfly wings
and flower petals. Drawn metamorphose refers to the fragility of new life, even though it was the result of beaten and
raped body. E (the outer cover of E) survived the time in the basement, and she raised three children there.

The protagonist of the video is showed in a room of a doll's house, which stands for ideal frames for family life and home.
Doors and the blinds open, but also close determined, leaving the black emptiness. The black hole refers to the human loss,
which is one of the most difficult issues to accept in life. The sky as a ceiling unites and gives a feeling of immutability and
continuity, and twinkling stars remind you of possible life somewhere else.





Animated drawings shape a metamorphose, the first image show eyes watching and they grow to a new form reminding of
butterfly wings and flower petals.

Animation duration 45 sec and original drawings 43 cm x 36 cm, 2008-2009



Butterfly print on plexi glass showed in light box.
43 cm x 36 cm

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